Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Take 1!

Well, i shall start by telling you a little about myself. 
I am a artsy kind of person, i love to draw, paint, print and photograph absolutely everything! I also am a avid vintage collector. Also i am a massive music fan and am dating a musician so expect lots of music links!
The whole point of starting this blog is to see what other people think of the work i do and what vintage items I collect and to just generally get other peoples opinions, also im going to post links and videos of things i like! So please don't hesitate to comment!
Hopefully once i figure out properly the layout option of the blogspot it will look better!  

Heres a photo of me... 
 And a couple un edited i took on a "dereliction" shoot i did recently.

And here's a few links to tracks that im LOVING at the min! 

 High noon in Amsterdam - Masters Of Reality 

The Racontures - Intimate Secatary 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my introductory blog. Here's to many many more!

Peace out my hard rocking amigos! 


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