Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Wow life has been hectic!

Since i last blogged I left my job after organizing a string of successful events, Ive had a few male encounters and I'm back were i started! Unemployed getting back on the painting / Crafting scene! :) 

So this is a Watch out blog! :) 

Peace for now! 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little catch up.....

Well Ladies and Gents... 

A lot has happened since my last blog! 

I am now a single lady's with a lot more spare time on my hands, but now i don't no what to do with it! I have sold everything i can on eBay, Listed all that i can on Etsy, Cleaned all i can in my room. And I've lost my inspiration completely! The main things that I'm concentrating on are money and finding a new job, because like mummy fig I cannot stand the one I'm in at the moment! Don't get me wrong i love being a barmaid but the guy i work for is useless, basically doesn't no his head from his arse!! 

Rant over! 
Here's a couple of photographs i thaught i mite share with you. 

Here's the chocolaty chocolate cake I said id share with you all! 
 Heres all the preasnts that i wrapped :)

Heres a random one of me that Mummy Fig Took of me 

Well my hard Blogging amigo's i shall bid thee fairly well, untill next time!! 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wow..... Nice to see you. Its been a while!

Helloooo my lovely blogging Friends. 
And happy February! 

This is just a quick kind of apology blog, for not blogging in so long. Ive had a crazy old week working a new job in a local pub, which will no be named because there's sure to be some bitching about its shoddiness. Also I have been working at Evans before it closes TODAY! :( But i will be in on Monday transferring stock out, watching all the shop fittings being ripped out. Which is going to be rather an emotional one, after 3years there it feels like a family home, and the people i work with are like a second family to me! But I'm sure to still see them from time to time! 
It was also the Mrs 26th on Tuesday, so i had great fun wrapping prezzies and baking a massive chocolaty chocolate cake! (Which i will post photographs of!) 
Also i have a few new items to post on etsy which will either be done Tuesday or Wednesday as I'm working All bloody weekend!! 
Also Ive been looking for somebody to design me a logo for etsy / business cards etc... I was thinking of making it a little competition or something like that? I cant afford to pay, but you would be accredited. I'm not sure. I'm even considering changing the name to RockVintage Boutique..... or Just Rock Boutique. Does any one have any suggestions for a catchy name? 
I'll be sure to blog again as soon as i can! 

Peace out! 


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well today i have spent all day sorting out different things online. 

I now have a Etsy shop Which you can view by clicking Bellow 

I also have a Twitter Account


And you can check out my personal FaceBook account @

Feel Free to check them out. 

Peace Love and Unity 


Sunday, January 23, 2011

I walk the line ...

Well, I've not got a lot to blog about today!! 
But i thought id share some links with you. 

I've been listening to LOADS of old music at the moment, so i thought share it with the blogging community! 

This is one of my Favourite photo's of Cash, I will one day turn this into a screen print! So keep your eyes open! 

 Roger Miller.
 Recently in the JuicyFig and RockPixie household we've been obsessing over Millers King Of the Road track which all started when there was a question on the Egg Heads Quiz show... The question was How many hours of pushing broom buys you a 8 by 12 4 bit room? so i thought id share a link to a good video of the track...

Heart <3

I was listening to Eminem a few years ago, and there's a track of his which had a really addictive sample used in it, its taken me 6 years to figure out the sample and here it is!! 

and then JuicyFig alerted me to this by the same band! I  couldn't believe it was the same people, but after looking up online i discovered it was!! :o Now I'm obsessed! 

I think the warbling sounds like the Bodyform advert! 

Which weirdly led me onto 

Tom Petty

I love a bit of petty every now and again! 

But the video for this is one of the best music vids ever made! 

listen out for the bodyform scream, trust me that's all you will be able to here now! 

And to compare 


this song is one you like to take a walk round the block to when you've got something on your mind. (not to quote family guy)

Well i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did!! 

Peace out 


Friday, January 21, 2011

What a busy week!

Wow, I've had a rather busy week! 
On Monday I was busy all day baking some yummy scrummy treats. 
 As you can tell my Victoria sponge didn't rise properly! But it still tasted GREAT!!
Then on Tuesday I had the joys of working the stock take in Burnley Evans shop, which means i had to be up at 5am! Finished work at 11am and my lovely Mr Came all the way from Clitheroe to meet me after that horrible shift. We did lots of shopping and i snagged some really good bargains especially vinyl from the towns Charity shops. 
The next day wasn't so productive, I worked until 2pm then met an old friend after that, who's lovely daughter is nearly 2! I couldn't believe it!! How time flies!! Then after meeting my friend i met  Mummy Juicy Fig  To have a look round some of the charity shops that Blackburn Town has to offer, I managed to snag some cool retro bargains which you will be able to see sooner or later.
Then yesterday i spent alll bloomin day listing things to sell on eBay then went for a beer and a couple of games of pool with the lovely Mr. 

And to today were i thought i HAVE to update my blog and have a read of all your lovely blogs as I'm having withdrawl symptoms! 

OOOOHH and I recieved my post card off  PostMan on Tuesday. 

How Cool Is that!!

Thanks Post Man! !

So as you can see my week has been a little crazy!! 

Also you can now look at my Fotolog Page which i try to update daily... Fotolog

Peace out my lovely bloggers 


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here we go then!!

 Helloooo my happy blogging friends!
I hope your all well! 
It comes to my attention that i haven't posted ANY of my own work on here! 
So now is the time to rectify this!
Here's some photographs of my... well... hmmm... 
Lets say a collaboration of all the different kind of "Art" that i do. 

Please comment and tell me what you like or don't! 

 Experimenting with Printing inks and thinners on Aluminum sheet metal.
 Print from the Aluminum sheet.
Wax and Ink ... 

 Mounted self portrait Stencil used to make a series of canvas's.
A series of work i did based on an instillation based on the theme grids and layers.

 Charcoal Drawing.
 one of numerous collages... 

 A series of photo's taken of the instillation (Sorry about the wonkyness had to photograph from my sketch pad)
Charcoal on Ink background. 

Basic Print experimentation 
A Series of Screen Prints...

 Screen Print image taken at Camden in London Basic Black and White...
 Printing on Ink Backgrounds.
Experimenting with printing on Thick ink backgrounds. 


 Using reference i had already printed.
 I apologise about the poor quality of these Photo's! Photographing out of sketch pads isn't the easiest!
 These 2 Were ideas for screenprints that never made the cut. But i must say i love them as Collages!

Well i hope that sorted that then!

Please Comment as I'm always looking for ideas and constructive criticism!! 

Thanks Guys! 

Peace love and unity!