Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well what a day ive had!!!

I thaught today would never end! First of all on a nice note, i posted Postmans post card today

I really couldn't make my mind up what post card to send, so i thought you no what, go for typically British and whats more typically British than Big Ben and some cheeky arses! 
So here it is ! 

So guys why I thought today would never end!!! 
I started work at 1.30, being early for a change wasnt the best idea, I arrived at my shop (which is soon to close down) to be greeted by some hunky fire men and loads of Mall security, shocked i walked in to discover one of the mirrors with lights in the fitting rooms had decided to set on fire and burn all the wall in our changeing rooms! So that was a bit dramatic to arive to work to. 
Then we were abused off a customer who refused to sign our pettition to keep our store open, who insulted all of the staff and then refused to leave when pollitley asked.
Then to top it off... yes theres more.... the tills were wrong, and the printer broke when printing our discounts out! So if you couldn't already tell I've had a crazy day! 

But on the Plus side.... 
Quite litteraly.. 
I managed to gain an addition to the rockpixie house hold! 
Well snaged it from work! 
Welcome Pertunia the Plus side model!! 

Well, here's to many more crazy days and photo's featuring my new model! 

Peace out amigos! 



  1. Classis british post card! and loving patunia the plus size model - I want a figure like that!


  2. Bah to nasty customers who won't sign your petition. But who needs them when you have Pertunia!
    Happy blogging and good look with your petition. XX

  3. hey from canada. i follow the juicy fig so i thought i would say hi. great blog so far. have fun with it!!
    yo rock'n'roll

  4. Love Petunia, my lady dummy is called Maud, they have to have 'old lady' names it's law! xxx


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