Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here we go then!!

 Helloooo my happy blogging friends!
I hope your all well! 
It comes to my attention that i haven't posted ANY of my own work on here! 
So now is the time to rectify this!
Here's some photographs of my... well... hmmm... 
Lets say a collaboration of all the different kind of "Art" that i do. 

Please comment and tell me what you like or don't! 

 Experimenting with Printing inks and thinners on Aluminum sheet metal.
 Print from the Aluminum sheet.
Wax and Ink ... 

 Mounted self portrait Stencil used to make a series of canvas's.
A series of work i did based on an instillation based on the theme grids and layers.

 Charcoal Drawing.
 one of numerous collages... 

 A series of photo's taken of the instillation (Sorry about the wonkyness had to photograph from my sketch pad)
Charcoal on Ink background. 

Basic Print experimentation 
A Series of Screen Prints...

 Screen Print image taken at Camden in London Basic Black and White...
 Printing on Ink Backgrounds.
Experimenting with printing on Thick ink backgrounds. 


 Using reference i had already printed.
 I apologise about the poor quality of these Photo's! Photographing out of sketch pads isn't the easiest!
 These 2 Were ideas for screenprints that never made the cut. But i must say i love them as Collages!

Well i hope that sorted that then!

Please Comment as I'm always looking for ideas and constructive criticism!! 

Thanks Guys! 

Peace love and unity! 


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  1. WOW!!! They all look so good - I am well impressed, I must say I think one of my favorites is he slf portrait - love the purple. If I big it up some more can I have it one day???? :~)



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