Friday, January 21, 2011

What a busy week!

Wow, I've had a rather busy week! 
On Monday I was busy all day baking some yummy scrummy treats. 
 As you can tell my Victoria sponge didn't rise properly! But it still tasted GREAT!!
Then on Tuesday I had the joys of working the stock take in Burnley Evans shop, which means i had to be up at 5am! Finished work at 11am and my lovely Mr Came all the way from Clitheroe to meet me after that horrible shift. We did lots of shopping and i snagged some really good bargains especially vinyl from the towns Charity shops. 
The next day wasn't so productive, I worked until 2pm then met an old friend after that, who's lovely daughter is nearly 2! I couldn't believe it!! How time flies!! Then after meeting my friend i met  Mummy Juicy Fig  To have a look round some of the charity shops that Blackburn Town has to offer, I managed to snag some cool retro bargains which you will be able to see sooner or later.
Then yesterday i spent alll bloomin day listing things to sell on eBay then went for a beer and a couple of games of pool with the lovely Mr. 

And to today were i thought i HAVE to update my blog and have a read of all your lovely blogs as I'm having withdrawl symptoms! 

OOOOHH and I recieved my post card off  PostMan on Tuesday. 

How Cool Is that!!

Thanks Post Man! !

So as you can see my week has been a little crazy!! 

Also you can now look at my Fotolog Page which i try to update daily... Fotolog

Peace out my lovely bloggers 


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  1. That was a Victoria Biscuit - but it did taste very good!



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