Sunday, January 23, 2011

I walk the line ...

Well, I've not got a lot to blog about today!! 
But i thought id share some links with you. 

I've been listening to LOADS of old music at the moment, so i thought share it with the blogging community! 

This is one of my Favourite photo's of Cash, I will one day turn this into a screen print! So keep your eyes open! 

 Roger Miller.
 Recently in the JuicyFig and RockPixie household we've been obsessing over Millers King Of the Road track which all started when there was a question on the Egg Heads Quiz show... The question was How many hours of pushing broom buys you a 8 by 12 4 bit room? so i thought id share a link to a good video of the track...

Heart <3

I was listening to Eminem a few years ago, and there's a track of his which had a really addictive sample used in it, its taken me 6 years to figure out the sample and here it is!! 

and then JuicyFig alerted me to this by the same band! I  couldn't believe it was the same people, but after looking up online i discovered it was!! :o Now I'm obsessed! 

I think the warbling sounds like the Bodyform advert! 

Which weirdly led me onto 

Tom Petty

I love a bit of petty every now and again! 

But the video for this is one of the best music vids ever made! 

listen out for the bodyform scream, trust me that's all you will be able to here now! 

And to compare 


this song is one you like to take a walk round the block to when you've got something on your mind. (not to quote family guy)

Well i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did!! 

Peace out 



  1. I really love Heart and had a big thing for Strawberry Switchblade when I was younger, so wanted net skirts but my mother wouldn't let me, look on youtube for them with Since Yesterday which was always my fave, oh oh oh and Wendy James, love her too! Sounding sad now so will stop! x

  2. Haha, perfect! I just looked Strawberry Switchblade, I love em! :) xx


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