Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little catch up.....

Well Ladies and Gents... 

A lot has happened since my last blog! 

I am now a single lady's with a lot more spare time on my hands, but now i don't no what to do with it! I have sold everything i can on eBay, Listed all that i can on Etsy, Cleaned all i can in my room. And I've lost my inspiration completely! The main things that I'm concentrating on are money and finding a new job, because like mummy fig I cannot stand the one I'm in at the moment! Don't get me wrong i love being a barmaid but the guy i work for is useless, basically doesn't no his head from his arse!! 

Rant over! 
Here's a couple of photographs i thaught i mite share with you. 

Here's the chocolaty chocolate cake I said id share with you all! 
 Heres all the preasnts that i wrapped :)

Heres a random one of me that Mummy Fig Took of me 

Well my hard Blogging amigo's i shall bid thee fairly well, untill next time!! 


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