Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wow..... Nice to see you. Its been a while!

Helloooo my lovely blogging Friends. 
And happy February! 

This is just a quick kind of apology blog, for not blogging in so long. Ive had a crazy old week working a new job in a local pub, which will no be named because there's sure to be some bitching about its shoddiness. Also I have been working at Evans before it closes TODAY! :( But i will be in on Monday transferring stock out, watching all the shop fittings being ripped out. Which is going to be rather an emotional one, after 3years there it feels like a family home, and the people i work with are like a second family to me! But I'm sure to still see them from time to time! 
It was also the Mrs 26th on Tuesday, so i had great fun wrapping prezzies and baking a massive chocolaty chocolate cake! (Which i will post photographs of!) 
Also i have a few new items to post on etsy which will either be done Tuesday or Wednesday as I'm working All bloody weekend!! 
Also Ive been looking for somebody to design me a logo for etsy / business cards etc... I was thinking of making it a little competition or something like that? I cant afford to pay, but you would be accredited. I'm not sure. I'm even considering changing the name to RockVintage Boutique..... or Just Rock Boutique. Does any one have any suggestions for a catchy name? 
I'll be sure to blog again as soon as i can! 

Peace out! 


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